More than this.

I want more than this. I want more from you. I want to be social, but this supposedly social media is everything I never wanted. I want media made by my friends, and people I know, and people they know. I want all of your art, and your music, and your writing. I want to go see your one act plays and watch your short movies. I want to listen to your half-baked concept album and read your not-so-great American novel. I want you to make magazines, and produce crappy late night public access TV shows. I want to tune into your hour-long radio show you spent a week putting together. I want you to start a record label and then pay for all of your friends’ bands to go on tour. I want their other friend to hitch along to film a documentary about the tour. I want to go see your band play and buy a t-shirt. I want you to start a company that prints t-shirts and for you to design the art for those t-shirts. I want that art to mean something and that you know that I don’t know what it means, but that I still like that it means something to somebody.

I want to use the internet, I still think it is amazing we are all connected through it. I want to connect with you on the internet. I want you to write computer programs that change the way we live and the way we perceive the world. I want us to be connected with each other and not to advertising platforms. I still want cybernetic meadows (right now, please), I want to dial up, tune in, and use our connected pocket supercomputers to ask each other the great questions of life, the universe, and everything.

I want to use these pocket computers to teleport across the world and talk with people across town. I want you to make a website. I want to find your website and see some similarity, some piece of myself, in what you’ve shared about yourself. I want to find some other person’s website linked from your website and know that if you both can make a website, then, maybe, I can make a website too. Or a record label. Or a magazine. Or a late night variety show. Or a theatre company. That, maybe, I can tell stories and share words about how much your art and music and words and websites have meant to me.

I want less of all of these feeds that leave me hungry, and more of all of you. I’m hoping you might want some more from me too. I’m going to start sharing more words (and maybe some pictures) starting with these here.

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